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Women’s Ministry

On the second Wednesday of every month, the ladies of GCF gather for a meal, devotional, and prayer time called "Ladies Night". 


There is also a "Mom's Brunch" where kids are welcome, once a month.

Contact Joyce Moropoulos  |  Tel: 907-841-6219

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Youth Ministry

We have youth events for Middle and High School scheduled throughout the month.  Check our Facebook page for updates.

We also offer KID'S CHURCH for ages 4 and above, with age appropriate instruction.  We believe the formation of Christ's character in us starts early.

For Kid's Church questions

contact Joyce Moropoulos  |  Tel: 907-841-6219

For Youth Ministry questions

contact Amber Seliger  |  Tel: 907-947-7612

happy people of all ages young old smiling eating a meal together

Life Groups

Life Groups are the thread that ties our fellowship together.  They are essential for our church members to be able to connect and find support, encouragement, and accountability throughout the week.  Each one has it's own flavor, but generally there will be food served, God's Word studied, and prayer requests shared.  We encourage all members to participate in a weekly Life Group.

Contact Joyce or John Moropoulos |  Tel: 907-841-6219,


blue conga music church instruments worship sanctuary

Music Ministry

We have a variety of music styles during our Sunday worship services, from hymns to contemporary worship songs. 


We always invite those with musical talent to serve by sharing their gifts on Sunday mornings.

Contact Joyce Moropoulos  |  Tel: 907-841-6219

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Hospitality Ministry

We have a team who serves coffee drinks and delicious food prior to service every Sunday. 


We also offer Sophia's Cafe as a ministry to our community throughout the week.

Would you like to learn more about why our church has a cafe?  Click here.

Contact Joyce Moropoulos  |  Tel: 907-841-6219

teacher smiling helping students kids learn grow safe happy nursery childrens ministry

Nursery Ministry

Our church is full of families of all ages, and we all know how valuable it is for a parent to be able to participate in a worship service without worrying about their little ones.  We strive to provide a safe and nurturing Nursery environment for babies and toddlers ages 0-4.   All of our volunteers go through an application process and an official background screening. 

Contact Khursten Cornwall  |  Tel: 907-223-4758

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Men's Ministry

Once a month on a Saturday our men gather for a hearty breakfast and a study through the Word of God.  It's also a great opportunity for men to pray for each other.

Contact Aaron Cornwall  |  Tel: 907-223-1734

External Ministries

This is a list of ministries in our local community and beyond, which families from our church actively support:

Crisis Pregnancy Center in Wasilla, Alaska

International Humanitarian Crisis Response, Poverty Relief, Trauma Healing

Humanitarian Refugee Advocacy in Athens, Greece

Palmer, Alaska's very own Bible College

Worldwide sponsor program to relieve childhood hunger

Worldwide sponsor program to rescue children from poverty

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